Our Programs


We visit women who are in the bars, clubs, and Karaokes, in the street and in their house and talk to them about their lives, concerns, and plans.


In partnership with other organizations, we conduct trainings, workshops and small group discussions. These  topics include women’s rights, prostitution, trafficking, gender sensitivity, violence against women, reproductive rights, laws that protect women and other issues affecting them.


We provide help to a small number of elementary, high school, and college students, prioritizing the children of women in prostitution or survivors of prostitution and trafficking. We also assist parents of students to get tuition assistance from schools.


Buklod provided legal assistance to the women and children who are victims of violence, trafficking and abuse.


We build and manage some income-generating projects to help women use their knowledge and skills. These projects also aid us in sustaining the organization and the programs. This includes tetra-pack bag making made up of used tetra-pack juice, bead making made up of magazines, and skills training on body and facial massages.


We encourage women in prostitution, especially those who did not finish school and those who did not get an opportunity to attend school to undergo review classes in our office twice a week for two hours a day. These classes are supported by the Department of Education.


We collaborate and coordinate with other local, national, and international organizations. We also mobilize to advocate issues like Anti-Prostitution, Human Rights, and Trafficking of women and children.

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